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Why does the United States want to fight trade? These eight reasons we have to think carefully

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First, the problem of deficit

If Trump wants to resolve the trade deficit, it should relax the restrictions on high-end US exports to China, so that the deficit will be reduced.

Why do you say that?

If the United States can relax the restrictions on technology exports, then American companies in China not only have money to make, but also make big money, because American companies with high-end technology are at the high end of the industry chain.

More importantly, the relaxation of technology exports to China will not only improve the technical content and quality of Chinese exports, but also reduce the price of Chinese exports.

In this case, the quality of Chinese products exported to the US market has increased and prices have fallen. Is it not a kind of welfare for the American people?

This is a truth that ordinary people with normal thinking understand the truth, and Trump not only does not relax but further tightens the fence.

It can be seen that the deficit reduction is not the purpose of launching a trade war but a scorpion.

Second, the Taiwan issue

Trump signed a series of Taiwan-related bills, is he wanting to play Taiwanese cards to let China make way in trade?

This kind of thinking is too conservative. We can boldly imagine that we can neither think of Trump with our thinking, nor think of him with the thinking of the American president in the past few decades.

The traditional American thinking is to use the Taiwan issue to contain and blackmail us.

Trump may not think so. He may be one of the people on the planet who wants us to start a war of reunification in the motherland.


Later combined with other aspects.

Third, let the United States be great again

Let the United States be great again, indicating that he has realized that the United States is declining.

China is about to catch up with the United States. With his zero-sum game thinking, the United States and China cannot coexist and share prosperity. Therefore, it is not that you die or that I die between China and the United States.

One way to surpass the opponent is to compete fairly. Through your own efforts, the other is to use various means to fight against the opponent. Obviously Trump chose the latter.

Fourth, the Middle East

The move of the embassy to Jerusalem, support for the Kurds, etc., is all about provoke instability in the Middle East.

This has seriously affected the promotion of China's Belt and Road. Readers who like this article, Xiaobian recommend everyone WeChat search to pay attention to the public number of the Kowloon military. Read more wonderful and good texts.

Fifth, the peninsula problem

Is the United States really afraid of the nuclear peninsula?

The fear should be a few neighbors on the peninsula.

The United States is more of a challenge on the peninsula.

Sixth, the United States, Japan, India and Australia, the South China Sea, the South China Sea, and the Vietnam, this is all aimed at China.

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Seven, the heart of Russia

Just under domestic pressure, Trump is afraid to show too much about Russia.

Although he can't win it, what I want to say here is that this again reflects that Russia is probably not the number one enemy in Trump's mind.

So who is the number one enemy?

It's us!

Eight, the geopolitical advantage of the United States

Everyone knows that the United States has a natural geopolitical advantage.

But don't ignore this advantage. There is a premise that the earth is experiencing global wars. For example, in World War II, the greater the war, the more obvious this advantage. The two oceans have blocked the war.

However, in the overall situation of global peace and prosperity, this geographical advantage will not be able to play, or even become a disadvantage.

Because the prosperity of trade has always been in Eurasia, the ocean has blocked the war, and it has also increased the inconvenience and cost of trade.

So the place where the United States picks things is in Eurasia.

Then, the United States wants to expedite quickly, once again great, and must rely on a world war to become a capital haven.

Speaking of this point, I think everyone understands Trump's thinking that I want to say.

Now Trump is greatly reducing taxes in China to attract investment, and at the same time desperately expanding the army, where does the money come from?

Relying on the traditional American way of doing business in the past few decades, the United States has long gone bankrupt.

He must take the slant of the sword. Only if China is caught in the quagmire of war, the capital will run all over the United States, so that it can make a war money.

As for the Taiwan authorities, the United States cannot help it.

Having said that, if you think that Trump is sacrificing Taiwan to make the United States profitable, this is probably to think of Trump too kindly.

Once the war is ignited, the United States will instigate a series of agent wars around China.

Our surroundings will face war, and India and Vietnam will be eager to move. When it is time, it will be good to take a bite. If you can’t bite you, you will not dare to treat me.

Regardless of whether China launches a war of unity, we must realize that Trump does not bring us a period of strategic opportunity, but a dangerous period.

Trump is doing everything in its power to create an environment in which the United States' geographical advantage is maximized.

I hope that we can see this essence and respond well. We live in a prosperous age and have been peaceful for a long time. Do not think that the war is far away from us.

Be vigilant,

Strengthen combat readiness,

Defend China!