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Happy Mother's Day

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I grew up, my mother is old;

I grew taller, my mother’s back camel;

I am sensible, my mother can't remember the matter;

I have a career and want to filial to her old man, but she has already left.

My mother always hopes that I will grow up soon, and I will have my own career. I don’t know that at the same time, she is quietly leaving step by step.

Forgetting my mother's birthday, we always find too many reasons for ourselves. She is very impressed with our birthday.

I walked alone with my bag for a long time.

Time has passed my memory of childhood

Space has erased my memory of my homeland

until one day

I open the bag

It is full of mother's jealousy and expectation

Only understand

I have always been in the heart of my mother.

How far is my mother’s heart?

But my bag has never been filled with the mother’s loneliness and thoughts.

Mother love is bigger than the sea that accommodates hundreds of rivers.

I will go very well.

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Because there is such a boundless motherly love to accompany me on the road...

Fu Niang is always beautiful and healthy.

(Whereever) you go is still in the heart of the mother

(below) rainy night especially miss hometown

(mother) love is boundless, in fact, the world is the same

(Pro) Kissing Niang's palm is full of vicissitudes

(Million) Millennium always lingers around the ear

(things) things concern only for the growth of children

(such as) there are still people who want to call you

(Italian) Yi long a filial piety forget.

In memory, the mother's hair is black, the mother's forehead is flattened, the mother's body is straight, and the mother's hands are slippery.

The mother walked up, her feet were like arrows from the strings; the mother worked hard, and the waist was like a flexible spring.

Time flies, the years go by, I suddenly found out that my memory is wrong.

I saw it far away, my mother was walking towards me with a basket of green vegetables. I dared to run over and take the basket from her rough hands and walk with her.

My mother's hair became gray, and there was a gully on her forehead. I realized what my mother had paid for this family. It was half a lifetime without regrets.

The mother’s eyes are like two deep bays, playing sweet joy and hiding the sadness;

Mother's hand, like the wings of an angel, took my tears and fanned me a brighter sky;

The mother’s shoulders, like a green hill, bravely carry the long years;

The mother’s words, like the raindrops of spring, have meticulously rang the dreams that bloom in my heart;

The smile of my mother made my heart linger; the tears of my mother condensed into ice in my heart...

Mother, you once knew that your love is like an old song hidden in the depths of the years. The singer is unaware of it, and the listener has already burst into tears?