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Why did I choose a small company three times?

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An article from the day before yesterday, "The new product manager, the big company or the small company" caused a lot of discussion. Obviously telling everyone that it is better to choose a big company, but BLUES has chosen a small company three times in the workplace of nearly 20 years.

The choice of the majority, one-sided bias toward large companies, this is a high probability event, especially in the current development of many startups is not smooth, in the current development difficulties, choose a large company, not only graduates, but also many experienced people Job bias.

However, there are not so many positions in large companies. There are bound to be many people who will go to a longer company. BLUES went to a small company after graduation in 2002. Shenzhen Julong Science and Education Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in providing educational information for campus. Software and hardware system integration products and services, from the construction of the computer room to the campus network, smart classrooms, distance learning and other multi-scenario needs, first sales, then market. Now, 15 years later, BLUES once again entered the education + technology track, really a reincarnation.

Four years later, after leaving the dragon, BLUES went to the startup company. He entered Tencent in 2009. At that time, Tencent was in the whole industry. It may not be a big company, but in the Internet industry, it is already a very good company. The entire interview process was also very rough, and it was not easy to understand the job search from a small company to a large company. At this time, I have been a graduate of my undergraduate degree for 10 years, 7 years from graduate school, I am 33 years old.

Later, in 2012, I came out of Tencent. The career opportunities faced were Huawei, Ali, and YY voices. I chose the smallest one to do the YY voice client platform. YY Voice had a revenue of less than 100 million in the quarter. Now, after 7 years, the total revenue in the first quarter of 2019 is 4.7 billion.

Let me talk about why I chose a small company and how it was considered.

The first company, Shenzhen Julong Science and Education, I was in a state of ignorance. At that time, my resume was in the Shenzhen High-Tech Fair. I really think that the company has a large booth, and there are many people who are posting resumes. It is a big company. Now look. It was so ignorant, that was the case at the time. After submitting the resume, I was surprised to find that one of my high school classmates was actually at the company. So I did some understanding. I was impressed that the company is developing rapidly and is in a leading position among domestic education technology companies. I remember the company’s founding. People have a photo of the award in the Great Hall of the People, which seems to be an excellent private entrepreneur.

First, graduate the first time to choose a small company

For the first time out of Guangxi's job search, the job opportunities faced were: China Resources (central enterprise), Shenzhen West Manpower (state-owned enterprise), Shenzhen Julong Science and Education (private), and a college opportunity in Guangzhou, perhaps because of graduate students at that time. Education, but also with the aura of the national outstanding college students May Fourth Scholarship, luck is not bad.

I chose the smallest and most unstable dragon.

The consideration at the time was:

First, the industry is considering. The education industry is just a need, a business that can last for many years; and the company's technology in this industry is in a leading position.

Second, professional considerations. The company's industry and my professional counterparts, I study education, have a strong interest in computers, the subject of online courses during postgraduate studies, and the company's "education + technology" business is similar, can be used to learn, there is room for development.

Third, information reliability. Some students in this company have a general understanding of the company, at least not being pitted. (I didn’t expect to enter the company for more than two years, due to the involvement of new investors, internal management confusion, and a lot of problems).

Fourth, remuneration packages. At the end of 2002, the salary was 3,500 yuan, 13 salary guarantees, sales commissions, software 10% commission, hardware 1% sales commission, if done well, annual salary of 100,000, for the graduates who just came out of the small city, is a huge number .

Fifth, post consideration. At that time, I saw a lot of books about sales inspirational books, and thought that sales work was very challenging and cool. In fact, it is really very challenging. When I was internship, after simple training, I was sent to the Beijing Big Client Department. On the first day of my arrival, I participated in an exhibition of educational equipment exhibitions. I almost did it all night. Later, Borrow to a colleague's home.

The above five points, industry, professional, information reliability, remuneration, and position, are the first time I chose the company's consideration. Of course, at that time, I did not have a clear concept of a big company or a small company.

Second, choose a smaller company after three years of work

Look at the second time to choose a small company, leave from the dragon, join the entrepreneurial team, and go to a smaller company.

The factors considered are relatively simple, the students who have a good relationship with me introduce the company's founders, eat a hot pot, remember that it is glutinous rice porridge, talk about entrepreneurial projects are podcasts and Internet radio stations, 2005, very hot projects, potatoes The podcast websites such as Cool Six and Six Rooms have been established one after another, and it seems to have reached a slogan. The founder of the company is very financially capable and has no problems with financing. I was also a young and energetic, 30-year-old, hanging a virtual dragon company marketing director's name, smug, always want to have a greater chance to challenge, but also like to feel cool business projects, so joined the entrepreneurial team, began More than three years of entrepreneurial history. The reasons for selection are as follows:

The first is industry considerations, the information transmission of the Internet, from graphics to audio and video development, the content platform will be a big gust.

Second, the team considers the founder who is good at financing, the professional audio and video content production team, and the development team with good technical strength.

Third, interest considerations, I can do products and markets, I am good at and like.

Fourth, the future income is likely to grow rapidly. The founding team will hold the company's shares. In the future, there will be a huge opportunity for wealth growth in the financing and listing. Perhaps many entrepreneurs will expect this. It may be a kind of gambling. opportunity.

Fifth, the recommender considers. I recommend that I join this project is a very familiar and trusting school sister. I believe her vision, and the fact is the same. At that time, there was an opportunity to do audio and video content platform. What was unexpected was the lack of follow-up funds.

Third, mature companies leave the job to choose a small company in development

In 2012, BLUES got married. Because of the sensitive relationship between relatives and Tencent, facing the choice of Huawei, Ali, and YY voice, I chose the smallest YY voice, consider the following:

First, consider the region. Very practical consideration, just married, home in Shenzhen, do not consider going to Hangzhou, so give up Ali opportunity; Huawei is in Shenzhen, YY voice in Guangzhou, it seems that Huawei is better, why choose YY voice in Guangzhou, there are reasons behind The right is greater than the region, and the distance is not far away. If there is something in the family, it can be returned in 2 hours.

Second, consider the space for development. The position of Huawei interview is the data analyst of Huawei terminal. The job of YY voice interview is the data product manager. The space for considering the latter is bigger. And Huawei is too big, worried that the position of a screw is relatively solid.

Third, consider the industry. Huawei terminal is the mobile phone industry. YY voice is the Internet industry. Personally, I think that I am doing podcasts when I start a business. I am doing client products in Tencent. I compare the game voice platform and live broadcast platform that do YY voice. At this point, there may be some mistakes. At present, everyone has seen that although YY voice has grown substantially, the growth of Huawei terminals is even more alarming.

Fourth, income considerations. YY voice talks about OFFER, there will be a stock after entering the job, of course, take a part of the salary to buy. Huawei is working for a period of time to see if development judges are likely to obtain stocks. Therefore, I am more utilitarian to choose stocks that are faster to get started. The fact is that after I entered YY8 months, YY voice went public.

Fifth, the recommender considers. I recommended that I go to YY as a former Tencent colleague. At that time, it was the human resources VP of YY. I think the information he gave was very reliable. From the above two choices, there are reasons for acquaintances to recommend. It can be seen that BLUES is very trusting to classmates and friends, and is also very fortunate. There are always classmates and friends to make recommendations.

Yesterday at noon, and three ten-year-old Tencent colleagues lunch, talked about the feeling of joining a small company from Tencent.

Senior designer Liu Yuntian wrote in his public essay:

From Tencent, a carrier-class company to a small company, there will be a lot of unfamiliarity in dealing with problems. I clearly remember that in the morning of the bidding day, there was heavy rain in Nanjing and outside the taxi. I was thinking: I obviously can go to another big company, enjoy air conditioning, high salary, take a team meeting, why come to this place to find guilty? Later, I also want to understand, these are the choices of your own experience, these changes, these uncertainties are the opportunity points, these uncertain factors can make you really grow. Staying in the comfort zone for a long time will only make you a frog at the bottom of the well.

Yuuto Liu, public number: Liu Yuntian

What you want to know about me

To sum up, why choose small companies three times, mainly for five reasons:

Industry development, in line with the general trend;

The space for personal development is large enough, and the focus of professional competence application is deep;

Team ability, gaining recognition and complementing yourself;

Remuneration package, considering the near and long term;

The referral factor makes the information more reliable.

How to judge whether a small company is worth going, and grow together with a small team, one of the judgments given by the former Tencent colleague Xiaohua of lunch yesterday is:

A good small company should be small and beautiful, because of the willingness to streamline and intensively maintain an elegant volume, not because the business model is not clear or the poverty is shrinking in the dark residential building. A good small company, its leader should be firm and have clear and tangible goals, its team should be full of vitality and passion, its business model should be clear and easy to understand, close to the money and have a good way to build Deep and wide moat.