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What is the annual salary of millions?

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Recently, Mr. Feng and Langren Gao Shao successively issued a discussion about the topic of a million-year salary. I couldn’t help but follow a few words.

Let me make a note. The annual salary mentioned in this article includes basic salary and equity with relatively clear expectations, and dividend income (of course, it will also fluctuate within a certain range). For example, Ali, Tencent, Baidu, JD's restricted equity, Huawei's dividend plan. Does not include off-campus income, such as self-media advertising, and unanticipated equity option returns, such as options for startups.

Teacher Feng’s article, with an annual salary of 1 million, is almost like this.

High and low articles, experience and path of 1 million annual salary, find out

In fact, he is particularly embarrassed. Gao Shaoxing said that he only reached a million-year salary after he was 35 years old. Then I am really embarrassed. I have lived so big, and I have never seen a million-year salary.

No kidding, I have never seen it. Of course, there is no need to pretend to be poor. The annual income is over one million, and there are still some experiences.

I have never taken an annual salary of one million. You said that I have the qualification to talk about this topic. If you say a self-promotion, in my circle of friends, if you take some friends and eat together, if you have an annual salary of just over one million. The classmate is embarrassed to ask him to pay the bill.

I have no feelings about the treatment of the workplace in the past years. I was not good at fighting for treatment in the past. I often underestimated the market. I remember that such a case, there used to be an old Baidu colleague. When I joined the company, I was still a rookie. I didn’t understand it. The kind of ridicule, I chatted occasionally last year, I said that you should have a million annual salary, and people have returned, boss, you are too underestimating me, and now it is two million. I didn't know how to answer it at the time. It is said that this is the most junior newcomer in the team.

My colleague at Baidu, whether it is a cooperative R&D, an intern who has been brought over, a newcomer who has been ridiculed by me, but who is still connected and mixed in the workplace (but basically not in Baidu), it seems that there is no low annual salary. For millions of people who only start their own business or have already retired, they cannot use the annual salary.

When I was an old colleague of the Green League, the technical field, as long as it is still in the workplace, whether in Silicon Valley or in the domestic giants, the annual salary of more than one million is also normal, and the more powerful ones are TK, Yuan Ge, that It is more than a million, and the mountains are up. Anyway, when these people are eating with me, I will not rush to pay the bill. At that time, Yuan Ge did become famous very early, but when I knew TK, he was only a young man with potential.

It is a pity that the old colleagues of 4399, the old men, the annual salary is not much, a little regret, but there are always, I know from 4399 left to Weibo, Ali programmers, a few years of hard work, annual salary Millions are also available.

As for my college classmates, most of the mixed-workers also earned more than a million annual salary. The mixed civil servants did not, but other benefits were too much. In the field of education, there is no possibility of being a professor at a university, but how to study the research expenses.

That is a brief summary.

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1, read a good book, excellent results, a good university, can greatly improve the probability of getting high pay.

To be honest, I used to mix with grassroots entrepreneurs a few years ago. I don’t really care about the academic qualifications. Many students on the Internet read the students of the famous schools and finally worked for the poor students in the class. There are certainly many such cases. Some of the famous schools have low-profile people, and there are a lot of news in the final workplace.

But you have to know that news is easy to spread because it is a small probability event. Top students may not necessarily change humans or make a particularly big cause, but working hard and getting a high salary in the workplace is a high probability event.

There are also many outstanding talents in people who are not good at reading. There are also many examples of counter-attacks in the workplace, but more efforts are needed in the workplace.

2. Choose the track that suits you, the industry.

The Internet industry is paying high wages because the Internet industry is a relatively full-fledged industry. I have emphasized this point many times. The industry with more market competition will become more and more valuable. Although the current trend does not look so optimistic.

Of course, some people are willing to engage in scientific research and education. Some people feel that they are good at fixing relationships and resources. People have their own aspirations and cannot be forced. But if you want to make money by standing on your own, I suggest you enter the field of market competition.

3. Personal growth is very important.

NSF, Baidu is a fast-growing enterprise, and many cattle people sit in key positions in the early days. After the excellent young people come in, they can learn and grow very fast, and it is easy to establish an industry reputation.

No growth, no progress, you are confused and get on the bus, it is difficult to follow. In fact, in the newcomers who enter the giants every year, the elimination rate is also very high.

The young people don't know how to choose the offer, and the place where the cows are more is right. After I went, I would like to learn to do not want to keep the glass heart, and keep up with the pace of the cattle as soon as possible. High salary is a matter of time.

The industry is developing and the knowledge system is progressing. The leading level of technology more than a decade ago may soon be out of date. If personal abilities and visions are not developed, individuals will lose their competitiveness in the workplace in the event of risks and crises.

Frankly speaking, with my current technical capabilities, I am no longer qualified for R&D and operation of any of the giants.

4. Go to the big city, go to the head enterprise, and go to the enterprise with excellent talents.

4399's grassroots R&D staff, who went to the big city and entered the giant enterprise, did not have a high position and level when they first went, but the rise was very fast. While staying in Xiamen, it may be true that there are not many high-paying opportunities.

It’s not easy to go to the entrepreneurial team to earn millions of annual salary. To be honest, you need strong judgment. In general, the willingness to give high-paying startups requires the following characteristics.

First, companies are in urgent need of talent competitiveness and are willing to recruit talented people with high salaries.

For example, if you are a new person and your position is not paid well, don't worry too much about it, but whether the company is willing to hire top talents with high salaries, and how the core backbone of the company is paid and other benefits. If the company is sufficiently respectful of quality talent, you will strive to improve yourself and move toward the goal.

Second, business owners respect talent and understand the value of talent.

It is related to the social background of the boss before, and also related to the boss's personal pattern. If the position you are applying for is high enough and there are many other good options for the options you are facing, then it is recommended that you do a background check carefully.

Third, the company has sufficient funds and will not exhaust cash flow in the short term.

This does not explain. In fact, compare reading: I heard that you are not satisfied with the salary treatment...

Compared with the old ones, if your goal is to reach a million annual salary as early as possible, you should really put your ability in the early stage of the workplace and set your goals clearly. Finding the main thread of rising, too many people are entangled in the workplace is not important, just graduated, the monthly salary of 10,000, or 8,000, for the final goal of a million annual salary, this difference can be ignored, to See if you can get a quick promotion, including ability, including influence and industry status.

In addition, the goal is higher. In socializing, we must also take the initiative to make good talents. It is not to say that we must blame others resources, learn more about communication, share your value, and let others benefit from communicating with you.

I have seen some people replying to certain communities and knowing a cow with a salary of one million a year. I feel very great and take the other's remarks as truth. Explain what, the field of view is too narrow, and the horizon is too low. I have never seen a few excellent people.

Know more talents, and your own judgment and pattern of value will also go up. The way you think about the problem will be different. What do you learn, skills and experience with Daniel? No, learning is the way people think about problems.

Finally, it is important to establish correct workplace values ​​and what is the right workplace values. In fact, it is a simple chicken soup. I believe that paying for the ultimate return, doing the right thing, giving priority to improving myself, the long-term goal.

Don't be addicted to making quick money and doing short-term benefits.

Insist on learning and persist in promotion. Find more about your own problems and grasp the scale of fault tolerance.

Two old articles:

Talk about fault tolerance

Talk about fault tolerance

Don't be in the glass, don't hide in the comfort zone. A lot of old texts are available, so I won't go into details.

The special reminder is to try to stay away from those who always spread negative energy. Just give some examples of what you might encounter in your daily communication.

What is the use of work so hard, the boss gave him how much.

It’s almost done, and the boss you can’t see is good.

All take the rebate, feel free to take it, no one checked.

This is not the responsibility of the embarrassing, do so much, let them solve it.

Colleagues/supervisors/boss/partners in other departments are stupid, and it is their fault to do it well.

I haven't learned this thing. I can't do it. I can't play it out. It's your problem.

Seriously, you lose, and you can cope with it.

You will grind with him, and when he is impatient, he will finish it.

I will do this after working for so long. You now say that you are not wanting me. What can I do in the future?

Who is who is lucky / good / good timing.

If you are surrounded by such people, the probability that you can stand out as a career elite is not high, really. But the most people in the workplace are such people.

If the young people, the work comes up, brought by the old mixed child, the workplace values ​​are distorted, and when they are finished, they are basically abolished.

I personally think that if a young person is willing to learn, values ​​and attitudes are no problem, try to make yourself grow faster, try to find some career opportunities that can work with the cattle. An annual salary of a million may require some luck, but in fact, it really does not need to be talented. Many people think that this is as high as the ceiling. To be honest, the young people I worked with more than a decade ago (both ten years younger than me) have basically crossed this threshold.

In some people's eyes, it is possible that the annual salary is a ceiling. In fact, when you cross that step, you will find that in the eyes of higher-order people, it is just getting started.

To achieve the realm of TK leader or Yuan Ge, it is really necessary to look at talent, but that is not the scope that the annual salary can cover.