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Very rare! The Antarctic ozone hole area has shrunk to a minimum of 40 years.

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According to the British "Daily Mail" report, on October 21, local time, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said that due to the abnormal atmospheric conditions over the Antarctic, the area of ​​the ozone hole over the Antarctic narrowed during the period from September to October this year. By 1982 there was a minimum since the observations were recorded.
According to NASA, the size of the ozone hole over the Antarctic changes every year. After the southern hemisphere enters the spring from September to December, the strong westerly wind will cause polar vortex on the Antarctic continent, destroying more than 50% of stratospheric ozone. The ozone hole should be getting bigger.
The ozone hole on September 8, 2019 is the largest this year.
Recently, however, the area of ​​the ozone hole has shrunk to approximately 10.1 million square kilometers. This area has also reached 16.32 million square kilometers on September 8 this year. At this time, the area was about 20.72 million square kilometers.
The ozone hole on October 16, 2019
Although the reduction in ozone hole area is a good thing, Paul Newman, chief scientist of Earth Science at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, points out that this does not mean that the ozone layer is recovering rapidly. Due to the high global temperature this year, the polar stratospheric clouds over the Antarctic have decreased, and the release of “free radicals” that destroy ozone particles has decreased.
Although scientists once worried that the ozone layer is facing the dangers of chemicals such as methylene chloride, the researchers are optimistic about the final healing of the ozone hole. From the current point of view, the ozone layer is expected to heal in this century. An enormous ozone hole in Antarctica can be restored to the level before the 1980s in this century. This is also the most successful large-scale project for mankind to save the earth and redeem himself!