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The second phase of the Canton Fair opened

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"Whether it is the international financial crisis or the international trade friction, the fundamental response of Chinese enterprises should be 'hard work and internal strength'." Xu Shihu, chairman of Zhejiang Mingzhu New Materials Co., Ltd. told reporters that Chinese products only have mastered key technologies. In order to take the initiative in the foreign trade market.

On October 23, the second phase of the 126th Canton Fair was opened at the Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. The main products on the scene are daily consumer goods, gifts and home decoration products, which are sensitive to changes in factors such as cost, price and exchange rate.

Since the beginning of this year, under the support of a series of favorable policies, China's foreign trade development has shown a good momentum of steady improvement, but there are still many uncertainties and uncertainties. As a "old Guangjiao" that has been exhibiting for many years, Xu Shihu knows the seriousness of the current foreign trade situation, but he is still full of confidence in the stable growth of exports. "Our company has many patented technologies. In 2018, it also participated in the drafting of the plastics simulation plant industry. Standard, this is my strength."

Xu Shihu revealed that the company's products exported more than 40 million US dollars in 2018. From January to September 2019, exports increased by about 30% year-on-year. It is estimated that the annual export will exceed 50 million US dollars.

The reporter interviewed at the Canton Fair found that in the current international market environment, more and more Chinese exhibitors have chosen “hard work”, upgraded their technical level, innovated product design, enhanced their ability to resist risks, and “plus yards” for stable foreign trade exports. .

High-quality products allow Chinese companies to take the initiative in bargaining when negotiating with overseas buyers. Biyang (Fujian Quanzhou) Light Industry Co., Ltd. exhibited a large number of Western religious ceramics. He Jinfang, the company's overseas business manager, said that because the products are hand-made, the material and design details are further optimized. Although the export price has increased this year, buyers are still willing to accept. According to reports, the company is currently focusing on expanding the Latin American market in Chile and Mexico.

Many Chinese companies are actively promoting a more diversified international market. "Our company will strive to open up the national market along the 'Belt and Road' while maintaining the steady growth of the European and American markets." Xu Shihu said that many countries along the route are in the stage of construction, and the demand for building materials is huge.

The exhibitors of Hebei Baoding Jinsa Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. are mainly engaged in the production and export of dried cut branches and leaves decorative products, which were previously sold to developed countries in Europe and America. The relevant person in charge of the company said that due to the company's expansion of the market in Japan and South Korea, the company has developed a new product with small and exquisite styles, with new research and development features, which are now very popular among local consumers. Rapid growth.