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To prevent the bad reputation of low-quality masks, China takes further measures

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Due to the large number of unqualified anti-epidemic materials exported, the Chinese government suspended the export of new coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing and other anti-epidemic materials in the form of "market purchase trade" starting from the 10th, and can only be exported by general trade. Strict quality supervision.

China Customs seized a large number of problem masks! The export of "market purchase trade" of epidemic prevention materials will be suspended immediately.

The report is based on the recent announcement by the Zhejiang Yiwu Commerce Bureau that from the 10th, the country will suspend the export of new coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilators, infrared thermometers and other medical materials and non-medical products through market procurement and trade. Masks.

"Market procurement trade" is a new mode of trade launched by China, which refers to the purchase of goods with a single ticket declaration value of less than 150,000 US dollars by qualified operators who are purchased in a market aggregation area that has been identified by the competent department of commerce, etc. And trade methods for customs clearance of export commodities at the place of purchase. To put it simply, it is aimed at the ticketless export trade of "single small, miscellaneous goods, and many varieties" in the professional market, which has the characteristics of fast customs clearance, convenience, and exemption from VAT.

According to the report, therefore, if the general trade method is adopted, the epidemic prevention materials can still be exported, but they must strictly follow the quality standards and obtain the medical device product registration certificate approved by the drug supervision and administration department, or obtain the foreign standard certification or registration announced by the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce Enterprises in the list of manufacturing enterprises and submit a declaration of export medical supplies at the time of customs declaration.

The implementation of the above measures is mainly due to the recent seizure of a large number of unqualified epidemic prevention materials by the General Administration of Customs. According to the list of unqualified seizures announced on the 9th, 1.86 million unqualified masks were involved, 16 export enterprises were named and related to them Production enterprises.

According to the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Customs emphasizes that for the anti-epidemic materials found in the export process that are moldy, damaged, contaminated, exceeded the shelf life, and unqualified through laboratory testing of quality and safety projects, in addition to administrative punishment in accordance with the law, transfer to justice that meets criminal filing standards In addition to investigating criminal responsibility, the authorities will also adopt various disciplinary measures such as lowering the credit rating, increasing the inspection rate, suspending or canceling relevant qualifications according to law, and exposing illegal and illegal information to make them "one dishonest and restricted everywhere."

It only took 76 days! Sinopec has built the world's largest 10,000-ton melt-blown cloth production base.

The report quoted China's official surging news. During the epidemic, Sinopec's emergency deployment of two phases of 16 melt-blown cloth production lines was completed, plus the joint venture's 7-ton capacity, Sinopec's daily melt-blown cloth capacity reached 37 tons.

Meltblown cloth is the "heart" of the mask. It is used for the filter layer of masks and other medical supplies. It has good filterability, barrier properties, thermal insulation and adsorption. Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, it has been difficult to find a cover; meltblown cloth is tight and prices continue to rise. On February 24th and March 9th, Sinopec decided to launch 16 meltblown fabric production lines in Yanshan Petrochemical and Yizheng Chemical Fibers after two investigations.

According to the news, Yizheng Chemical Fiber produced the first batch of excellent meltblown fabric products on March 29, compressing the conventional one-year construction cycle into more than one month.