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I finally made the blockchain clear

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The blockchain is on fire again!
On October 24, the central government clearly stated that the blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies and increase investment.
After a weekend, the stock market opened on October 28, and the blockchain sector rose more than 8%, and the collective daily limit (later fell, Opps~).
Bitcoin has risen by more than 30% in 24 hours.
The blockchain is hot, but do you know that the blockchain is awkward?
Ask 10 people, 9 people look awkward.
The other one will tell you: Mahjong is the earliest blockchain project, 4 people are equivalent to 4 miners, who will hit 13 correct hashes first, who will get the corresponding reward, this is the blockchain Mining in the mine.
Hey, it sounds like it’s not so reliable, then
Come and come, take out the strength of the mahjong and study together -

1. What is a blockchain?
Blockchain technology uses blockchain data structures to validate and store data, use distributed node consensus algorithms to generate and update data, use cryptography to ensure data transfer and access security, and utilize intelligent script code A new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm for contracting to program and manipulate data. -- Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "China Blockchain Technology and Application Development White Paper 2016"

2. Do not understand! Then change the simpler statement
In layman's terms, it is actually a multi-party encrypted distributed accounting book.
First understand the three keywords inside, and generally understand the blockchain.
Bookkeeping: Similar to our bank account, but this book is multi-participating.
Encryption: Ensure that your account will not be tampered with by others, similar to the U shield that the bank gives you.
Distributed: First, it is distributed across multiple servers, and second, it is not attributed to a specific individual, so the BAT's books cannot be said to be distributed.

3. Still don't understand, it doesn't matter, give two more chestnuts.
Fall in love with a pair of men and women in love, the boy said "I love you" to the girl one day, then the girl will widely inform the parents, friends, WeChat group, etc., and reward the tip thank you for helping me remember and testify, this The tip is "token";
The structured information package formed by the boy saying "I love you", the time and place of speaking, and other information packaged is called "block";
Parents, friends, WeChat groups and other nodes are "chains"; if boys do not admit that they have said this, girls turn over the books to face the quality, this is the blockchain application.
Borrowing money A to find B to borrow money, and at the same time found C account, if A one day, B can find C to take out the book to confront A, which is called centralization. And if everyone has a book, A asks B to borrow money, B tells everyone around him with a big horn, "A finds me borrowing XX money," and then everyone writes the account on their own books. In the future, even if C's account book is gone, then others can also use the book to be used for B. This is called decentralization, which is the essence of the blockchain.

4. Why is the blockchain so important?
Blockchain technology has four major characteristics: 1. decentralization; 2. distributed ledger; 3. smart contract; 4. timetable that cannot be tampered with.
Its features can achieve the following functions:
1. Ensure that the data on the chain cannot be falsified, not forged, and improve the credibility of the data;
2. Realize the traceability of the transaction;
3. Smart contracts can be automated based on contracts, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

5. What is the relationship between psoriasis bitcoin and blockchain?
The blockchain originated from the bitcoin proposed by Nakamoto.
In 2008, a nine-page white paper revealed: “I have been researching a completely new e-cash system that is completely equivalent, and there are no third-party trusts.”
Nakamoto published the first batch of bitcoin in January 2009.
Bitcoin confirms the actual execution capabilities of blockchain technology.
(Why can mining get Bitcoin? Because the blockchain transaction generates a lot of data, for example, in the world of Bitcoin, a block of data is recorded every 10 minutes, which requires a storage. All mining The computer is trying to package this data block submission, and the person who successfully generated the data block will get a bitcoin payment.)


6. Whose spring
Spring is the technology and application of blockchain, but for the speculators of ICO (Fried Air Coin), it is the winter, and the netizen laughs.
The first thing the regular army did before entering the mountains was jealousy.

7. What is the relationship between blockchain and our lives?
Blockchain has great possibilities in various areas of people's livelihood.
In fact, unconsciously, you are now living in various blockchains.
The blockchain can make every product have a "identity card" that cannot be tampered with. You don't have to worry about buying a fake blockchain to solve the problem of renting a house in a first-tier city, and the real estate is difficult to distinguish. You don't have to worry about the second landlord. After you donate, you can track your money through the blockchain and finally go there. Don't worry about being taken by Guo Meimei to buy the electronic block, electronic invoice, electronic prescription and insurance claims based on the blockchain. You can't fake it later. It may take only 5 seconds to apply for the payment of claims. If you want to go to court, the blockchain can reduce your cost of defending rights. You don't have to worry about the true and false evidence and the loss of information. Now the information is flooding, and the blockchain can trace the source. To ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of the information, rumors and fake news will be greatly reduced............

8. Blockchain opponents
The blockchain has a password, and you want to decrypt it. This is the relationship between the spear and the shield.
Recently, a very hot quantum computer - you can break the key of the blockchain in an instant.
It is said that as long as a cigarette is used, it can modify the blockchain record that exceeds 51% of the entire network.
Therefore, big countries are developing quantum computers.
The current encryption can't stand, and the new "grid code" is already on the road, probably about 50 years.