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  • Our Service Features:

    ※ one-stop trade outsourcing services, including customs clearance, logistics, foreign exchange, import and export tax rebates and other services required. To maximize the integration of import and export services, resources, minimize the expenditure, allowing customers to focus on market development, to solve customer worries.


    ※ We are committed: In addition to import and export agents other than the services are free of charge, the other such as freight forwarding, commodity inspection of the original cost of the original transfer, a detailed list of costs. Customers can also go to their inquiry, of course, can also be handled by the customer themselves.


    ※ The entire agent process is completely transparent operation: we will promptly by phone, online QQ, MSN or mail to the customer feedback import and export services, status, expenses, document information, to ensure that your real-time grasp of the entire process.


    We have a vibrant, professional and efficient team. Honesty and integrity, forge ahead, teamwork, win-win development is that we always follow the purpose, sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to consult and discuss business, we look forward to working with you to develop.


    Service direction: safe, fast, high-quality, satisfied! .

    Export Services:

    1, the customer provides export invoice (invoice or sales contract) and a detailed packing list, the goods for inspection, the customer before the commodity inspection and access to commodity inspection export customs clearance, submitted to us

    2, arrange booking, out of warehouse receipts to customers, so that customers Jincang time

    3, for export declaration procedures

    4, the goods released by our arrangement or the customer arrange their own transport

    5, the customer requires foreign buyers to pay foreign exchange

    6, we will collect foreign exchange and settlement of RMB in full payment to customers

    7, for foreign exchange write-off

    8, the customer provides value-added tax sales invoices

    9, for export tax rebates

    10, received the return of the declaration and value-added tax invoices will be refunded to the customer (that is, in accordance with the customer's invoice payment in full).

    11, according to the logistics of invoices and export invoices and customer settlement logistics costs and service costs, this single end

    Import Services:

    1, the customer provides the import information

    2, customer service according to packing list, invoice out of the service letter

    3, for import customs formalities

    4, the goods released by Sinowest Int'l Trade Co., Ltd arrangement of the goods arrived at the place of receipt

    5, send a declaration, the original original tax form to the customer

    6, according to the logistics of invoices and export invoices and customer settlement logistics costs and service charges

    Product customization

    Sinowester specializes in the customization of sports products and specializes in the customization of sporting goods with the theme of a carbon fiber material!
    For example: Pickleball Sports Racket, Tennis Rackets, Badminton Rackets, Different Portable Nets,Silicon material Accessories, also Kinds of Balls etc.!
    Based on the customer's design philosophy,we will provide our customers with the idealized high-quality sports products with the help of our professional team!