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People live to the extreme, it is temperance

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Wang Yangming is known as the last saint in Chinese history.
His life is a life of action.
He told us in a lifetime: man lives to the extreme, it is temperance.
Temperance is a kind of wisdom.
One of Wang Yangming's family mottos is: "Diet diet, quit games."
"The Analects of Confucius" cloud, "the gentleman has no food to eat, but no peace"; the "Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor" says, "the diet is festival."
Nowadays, living standards are improving, eating is getting better and better, but there are also many wealthy diseases.
The true wise person will also exercise self-discipline and control the degree.
Eat healthy only if you are on a diet.
Quitting games is for ambition.
If you are too addicted to the game and the days are long, your energy will be exhausted and how to achieve your career.
The true wise person knows more about temper temper.
Wang Yangming was hated by villains for his outstanding military achievements. They spread all kinds of rumors and insulted Wang Yangming in every way.
Wang Yangming didn't hear it at all.
He said, "The narrow heart is the root of woe, and the open heart is the door of blessing."
To temper one's temper is to think broadly, think about the benefits, and don't take the sesame matter to heart.
Temper temper is to relieve emotions in a timely manner.
Temper temper is that once you can't control your emotions, you can think of calming your emotions before dealing with the problem.
As time goes by, people have the cultivation and wisdom to relieve anger, and people will gradually have a calm and quiet temperament.
Temperance is a freedom.
"Temperance" and "freedom" seem to be two opposing words.
In fact, only when you learn to control yourself can you know what true freedom is.
"Temperance" is different from "restriction". Restriction comes from external constraints.
Temperance, on the other hand, is self-restraint and fulfillment of freedom.
Many people have heard of Wang Yangming's classic story of getting thieves off their pants.
If you do not understand how to restrain yourself and violate the bottom line of the law, all freedom will be lost.
Hormone chicken, fast-growing vegetables, is full and full, but loses its due nutrition and taste.
Only by restraining the growth rate can we absorb more nutrients and let life grow freely.
Freedom and temperance are twins. All freedom is born of temperance.
Some people say that it is freedom to eat when you want to eat, and freedom to sleep when you want to do it; freedom to do nothing if you want to work ...
But these are not freedom, but instinct.
True freedom is not what you want to do, but what you don't want to do.
Temperance is a kind of happiness.
Wang Yangming said, "My generation works diligently, only for daily subtraction, not for daily increase. A reduction of one's desire is a return to one's natural reason.
The happiness of life stems from the continuous reduction of one's own desires.
Queen Elizabeth II of England insisted that the toothpaste should be squeezed out.
She also turns off the lights in the Buckingham Palace corridor and small hall every night at night.
Hong Kong's richest man, Li Ka-shing, has hundreds of billions of assets but is keen to buy discounted goods.
Suits and glasses have been used for many years, and the watch that has been worn for more than 20 years is only 3,000 yuan.
Knowing contentment is a great happiness.
Satisfy your house, it doesn't need to be too big, just warm.
Satisfy your car, no luxury, just travel.
Satisfied with your clothes, no need to be luxurious, just fit.
Be content with your work, no need to be great, just love.
All the best, but just right.
Temperance is a kind of wisdom, a kind of freedom, and a kind of happiness.
When one understands temperance, the wisdom of life, the freedom of life, and the happiness of life will come as promised.
Friends, I hope you learn to exercise restraint, grasp freedom, and enjoy happiness.