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In 2019, the World Manufacturing Congress will know in advance that people in Hefei have a good eye.

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On September 20th, today, the 2019 World Manufacturing Congress was grandly opened in Hefei. What are the highlights of this conference? Which heavy guests will attend?

In this regard, the Office of the Executive Committee of the General Assembly stated that at present, the preparatory work of the General Assembly has progressed in an orderly manner and progressed well. The conference arranged 30 events and set up ten exhibition areas, and committed to creating a top feast for global manufacturing. An important index of manufacturing development will also be released at the meeting.
Big coffee gathering! Guest specifications and scale exceed the previous session
As the top event in the global manufacturing industry, the 2019 World Manufacturing Conference has gathered. From the current feedback, more than 4,000 domestic and foreign guests from more than 60 countries and regions including Germany, Britain, France, Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. will attend the conference, the specifications and scale of the guests. Beyond the last conference. Around the "foreign enterprises" docking activities, the conference invited more than 70 German mainland, SAP, Corning, 3M, Whirlpool, France Veolia, Schneider, United Unilever, Yinglian Food, Japan Hitachi, Toyota, Marubeni, etc. Senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and a large number of leading enterprises in the overseas manufacturing industry attended the conference. Around the "Hong Kong and Macao enterprises, Taiwan enterprises, overseas Chinese enterprises" docking activities, a number of senior executives from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises were invited to participate. Around the "central enterprises, private enterprises" docking activities, 60 heads of state-owned enterprises, 40 major state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and principals will participate in the conference. More than 20 academicians and well-known experts and scholars confirmed their participation.
30 events released manufacturing development index
The conference has a total of 30 events, divided into four major sections: “Major Events, High-end Summits, Sixty Docks, and Parallel Forums”. Including the opening ceremony, the theme forum, the "Sino-Enterprise, Private Enterprises, Foreign Enterprises, Hong Kong and Macao Enterprises, Taiwan Enterprises, Overseas Chinese Enterprises" 600 project docking activities, etc., will also hold a forum for manufacturing strong country construction experts, central enterprises to help Anhui Province implement the Yangtze River Delta regional integration Development strategy symposium, private enterprises to help Anhui Province implement the Yangtze River Delta regional integration development strategy symposium and 14 parallel forum activities.
The conference will also award two awards, “Innovative Product Award” and “Business Growth Star”, and release the global manufacturing “Hefei Initiative” and an important index for manufacturing development.
Top 10 exhibition areas to show you the world's top manufacturing
The exhibition area of ​​the World Manufacturing Congress brings together the world's highest level of manufacturing technology and products, which is a major highlight of the conference. This year's conference has a total exhibition area of ​​61,000 square meters, including an indoor area of ​​51,000 square meters and an outdoor area of ​​10,000 square meters. It is divided into ten major exhibition areas: international manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, high-end manufacturing, green manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing, and driverless car experience.
Among them, the preface hall is based on the theme of “innovation and creation, moving towards a new era of manufacturing”, adopting an open full-featured exhibition, using a variety of modern high-tech means, through charts, texts, photos, videos, objects and other forms. To fully demonstrate the world's manufacturing revolution and the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, China's manufacturing industry and the province's manufacturing changes and achievements.

The new generation information technology exhibition area shows the major achievements and status of the world and China's new generation information technology industry development, highlighting the outstanding achievements and main highlights of the province in the field of new generation information technology.
The outdoor driverless car show is divided into the driverless car experience zone and the unmanned garbage sweeper dynamic display zone. It focuses on displaying and experiencing autonomous vehicles such as Volkswagen, Chery, JAC, Cool Wow, and Ai Ruite.
The Commodity Trading Exhibition is divided into a fine arts and crafts exhibition area, a food exhibition area, and a home textiles exhibition area. There are both on-site performances and famous products.
From the afternoon of the 20th, the exhibition halls will be open to the public.
Beginning on the afternoon of September 20th, the exhibition halls will be open to the public. The public can take a bus, subway, etc. to the Binhu Convention and Exhibition Center for free visits, experience the cutting-edge technology and latest achievements in the manufacturing industry, and enjoy professional performances in the commodity trading exhibition area. , purchase art and crafts, fine food, home textiles and other consumer goods. The general public is invited to visit in an orderly manner, pay attention to maintaining the environmental order of the exhibition hall and establish a good external image.