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Business is to study human nature, what is human nature?

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Business must study human nature. But what is human nature?

Human nature, in fact, only two points: survival, and reproduction. These two points are no good or evil.

Is maternity human? Yes. Mothers sacrifice themselves to protect their children in order to multiply.

Is beauty a human nature? Yes. Amy is also in the hope of gaining opportunities for reproduction.

Is showing off wealth a humanity? Yes. Boys show off their wealth, just like the peacock's opening screen, it is the way to fight for the opposite sex and to gain prosperity.

So, is gratitude human? Is tolerance to be human? No.

These are not human nature, these are moral.

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What is morality and humanity?

Humans are a group of animals. The survival, reproduction, and prosperity and decline of the individual have a complex relationship of causality.

For example, if everyone pursues their own survival, the easiest way is to get something for nothing, grab the same kind of food, and even kill the same kind. However, the final number of groups is reduced, and individuals cannot fight against foreign enemies and die.

Therefore, after years of evolution, the social attributes of human beings have gradually formed a set of conventions. This set of specifications is called: morality.

Gratefulness is morality. The essence of gratitude is the "exchange of prepaid systems." You will help me first, I will help you. This will lubricate the collaborative relationship of the group.

Tolerance is morality. The essence of tolerance is the "cooperative system that allows mistakes." For the purpose of collaboration, the accidental injury can be forgiven. This will encourage the courage to collaborate.

Humanity is the instinct of individuals to pursue survival and reproduction. However, the human nature of unconstrained individuals will definitely hurt each other.

Morality is used to restrain the individuality of the individual and achieve the prosperity of the group. Individuals are willing to accept morality because of the prosperity of the group and ultimately benefit the individual.

Therefore, morality is not human nature, morality is even anti-humanity in most cases. It is precisely because morality is often anti-human, it requires a lot of guidance, and constraints.

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Guidance refers to long-term but slow means of propaganda, public opinion and condemnation. Such as culture, values, and so on.

Constraint refers to the method of punishment, expulsion, etc., which is intense but immediately effective. For example, social structure, such as interest structure. Like the law.

People of every age have drawn the bottom line of social norms in morality. The bottom line is the law.

Law is a subset of morality, and it is a morality that must be punished once it is violated.

For example, if a mother kills her own child, we say that she does not have "humanity", but she does not say that she is not "moral" because reproduction is human nature;

A person does not line up, we say that he is not "moral", but will not say that he does not have "humanity" because protecting the interests of the group is moral;

A person kills a person. We say that he "breaks the law" because you are jealous of my immorality and have little effect on society. But the immorality of killing a person will greatly affect the prosperity of the group.

Humanity, from selfish genes;

Morality is for the sake of group prosperity, and finally promotes individual survival and reproduction. The social contract and morality that everyone has reached together are often contrary to human nature;

Law is a subset of morality and maintains the moral bottom line of group existence.

By understanding these things, you can understand human nature and understand business more deeply.