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The Tao Te Ching Life Wisdom: Enjoy the good fortune, Ji Junzicai

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Kindness is the greatest blessing in a person's life;

Morality is the most precious treasure in a person's life.

Good or not, not enough to be blessed; Germany does not stand, not enough to gather wealth.

1, good, can be saved
The Tao Te Ching has a saying: Heaven and Tao are unrelated, often with good people.

God will not favor anyone, but never succumb to good people.

Kindness does not mean doing something terrible.

But be sure to be kind and good for yourself and your family.

If you are kind, the blessings will follow.

Where does Fu come from? Come from everyone's kind heart.

The ancients cloud: All Futian, from the heart.

Clouds: People are good, but if the blessings are not reached, the disaster is far away.

Treating people always has a kind heart, a sincerity, and a kind of heart.

All good causes must have good fruits, lovers will love to return, and blessings will come.

One of the greatest blessings of a person is to have a kind heart.

It is not difficult to do good deeds occasionally. The hard part is that you will not annihilate the good heart of your heart for a lifetime.

It is not easy to grow a blessing, so it is even more cherished.

Xifu is a life attitude, and this attitude determines whether you are eligible for the blessing.

Treat anything in the world, cherish it, and don't scorn it.

Treat the things you use everyday, make the best use of them, and don't waste them. This is a blessing.

Everyone knows how to be blessed, and everything in the heavens and the earth will care for you, so that you will be ruined.

2, Germany, can gather wealth
The Tao Te Ching has a saying: The saints do not accumulate, and they think that the more people there are, the more they are with them.

A person of high moral character will not deliberately accumulate wealth if he does not possess the right to possess money.

They get money to care for others, so the more they give to others, the richer their wealth.

The wealth that people can bear is limited. The higher the morality, the more they can gather.

Therefore, the great virtues must have their place, they must win their own, they must have their names, they will have their lives.

"Where the Four Trainings" said: "Enjoy the wealth of 100 gold, it must be a hundred gold figures; enjoy the wealth of money, must be a thousand talents."

A person must have a noble character in order to be able to withstand the blessings of wealth, power, and prestige.

Where does the money come from? Come from good character.

People live forever, and the grass is in autumn. The fame and fortune are fleeting, and the wealth of money is not taken away.

Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way. Being a man cannot be conscience, preferring to be short of money and not being ethical.

"University" said: "German, Ben also; the rich, the end."

To pursue material wealth, we must first practice benevolence and morality.

In the process of your dedication, wealth will follow.

To abandon the virtues and pursue the wealth, it is the ultimate inversion.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, a businessman was defeated in business and urgently needed a large amount of capital turnover.

The amount of this fund is huge, and only the Qiankang Qianzhuang can raise it.

So the merchant found Hu Xueyan, the owner of Qiankang Qianzhuang, and took the initiative to open a low price and asked him to acquire his own industry.

Hu Xueyan heard that he immediately arranged for his men to investigate whether the merchants said it was true.

After the investigation, he said that he bought the other's industry at the normal market price.

The businessman was both surprised and happy, and did not understand why Hu Xueyan did not take advantage of it.

Hu Xueyan saw his doubts and smiled and said: "You can rest assured that I am only keeping these assets on my behalf. When you have passed this level, you can redeem your belongings at any time."

Thanks to Hu Xueyan's timely release, the businessman finally weathered the storm and became Hu Xueyan's most loyal partner.

With his full help, Hu Xueyan has also made the business bigger and bigger, and has become the "living god of wealth" praised by the people.

Confucianism said:

The ancients said that there is no door to the blessings, but people call themselves.

If you have no virtue, no profit, you will be miserable;

If you do good deeds and suffer, you will have a blessing.

Persuading the monarchy to do good deeds, the rich and the poor must be too greedy.