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The 850-year-old Notre Dame was fired. Many leaders expressed shock and regret

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On the evening of the 15th local time, the French landmark Notre Dame de Paris was devastated by fire. The top of the tower had collapsed but the main structure remained intact. French President Mark Long said France will rebuild Notre Dame.

After the fire broke out, many leaders expressed their views.

British Prime Minister Teresa May: I am with the French people tonight, with the emergency service personnel who are fighting the fire at Notre Dame.

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German Chancellor Merkel: Notre Dame de Paris is a symbol of French and European culture, supporting our French friends.

US President Trump: Too bad! Maybe you can use a tanker to extinguish the fire! Be sure to hurry! God bless the French people!

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau: It is really heartbreaking to see Notre Dame in the fire. The Canadian people are with you when you fight against the fire.

President of Finland: Finland is saddened by the fire at Notre Dame de Paris. Tonight we are with the people of France and Paris.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison: I was impressed by the presence of Notre Dame in Paris 30 years ago. It was really sad to see such a beautiful cathedral in the fire this morning. We are with the people of France and the people who are fighting for the fire. They will rebuild Notre Dame, as they have always done.

Former French President Hollande: Notre Dame de Paris is our common heritage, and it is really painful to see her in the fire. Pay tribute to the firefighters who work hard to extinguish the fire.

Former US President Barack Obama: Notre Dame is one of the world's treasures. We are with you while the French people are sad. When we see the disappearance of history, we naturally feel sad - but at the same time we are in our nature, we will begin to rebuild the next day, as strong as possible.

European Commission President Juncker: I am paying attention to the fire of Notre Dame every minute. Our ‘Miss Paris’ belongs to all mankind. How sad, how terrible. I am with the French people.

Vatican: The Holy See sadly saw a terrible fire message that destroyed the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, a symbol of French and world Christians. The Vatican prays for firefighters and all those who deal with it.