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Inamori Kazuo's 20 classic quotations, the sentence makes people slap!

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1. A clear and pure mind can feel positive energy, while a selfish heart sees complexity and chaos.

2. The so-called investment, for me, is to invest money, sweat through his forehead, work hard to get profits, not to get something for nothing.

3. The path of life is depicted by the heart. Therefore, no matter how harsh the situation is, the heart should not be immersed in pessimistic thoughts.

4. From the moment you want to start real creation, the most important thing is to trust yourself, that is, to have confidence.

5. “Every day is extremely serious” – this sentence is very simple, but it is the most important principle principle in life.

6. Instead of looking for a job you like, it is better to like the work you already have; rather than pursuing fantasies, you might as well fall in love with your immediate work.

7. Concentrate on one line and one industry, don't get bored, don't worry, work hard, your life will produce beautiful flowers and bear fruit.

8. When encountering an insurmountable difficulty and thinking that "it is no longer possible", it is not the end point, but a starting point for a new start.

9. Altrutan! Everything is thought of for others, empathy, things will always be surprisingly smooth, and the heart will be calm and fulfilling.

10. The eyes can look at the sky, but the feet must step on the ground. Dreams and aspirations are big, but reality is that we must do simple, even boring work every day.

11. Why is the situation of such occlusion full of society? Isn't that because many people can't find the meaning and value of living, lost the direction of life? I think the most necessary thing for this era is to fundamentally ask why people live.

12. When setting goals, set "indicators above your ability." This is my claim. To set a difficult goal that is now "incompetent", "I want to achieve this goal at some point in the future", I want to make such a determination.

13. Those amazing achievements, in fact, are almost always the result of a very ordinary person who is conscientious and continues to accumulate step by step.

14. The human mind presents multiple structures and consists of multiple concentric circles. Starting from the outermost side - intellectual - emotional - instinct - soul - true me.

15. The colder the winter, the more open the cherry blossoms. The same is true for people. Without suffering and troubles, it is difficult to have great development and will not grasp true happiness.

16. The moment you enter the watch, the beginning of a corporate recession. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to constantly enter the new cause and succeed.

17. See if your subordinates love work and instill their energy into them until they have a passionate enthusiasm – this is the leader's top priority.

18. The specific path of life improvement: maximize revenue and minimize costs in each position.

19. Doing things in 5 steps: Indulge your dreams, inspire enthusiasm, incite the subconscious, cold rationality, and thoughtful present.

20. The substance is sufficient, but the true spirit is scarce. Material desire, not the spirit, but the current glory, but can never be recorded in history.