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2020 China Import Expo schedule

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"China International Import Expo deals in goods and services, exchanges culture and ideas, welcomes customers from all continents, considers the interests of the world, and conforms to the aspirations of people of all countries for a better life."
What is China Import Expo?
The full name of China Import Expo (Expo Expo): China International Import Expo, which is the world's first large-scale national exhibition with the theme of imports, including two parts, the exhibition and the economic forum.
The exhibition includes the National Exhibition (National Trade and Investment Comprehensive Exhibition) and the Enterprise Exhibition (Enterprise Business Exhibition). National exhibition, each participating country will display national image, achievements in economic and trade development, and distinctive advantages.
The first China International Import Expo successfully closed on November 10, 2018, and won wide acclaim from the international community.
The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) has a total construction area of ​​nearly 1.5 million square meters and is currently the world's largest single building and exhibition complex. It consists of four parts: the exhibition venue, the business center, the office building, and the hotel. It is connected by an 8-meter-high exhibition avenue, and people can easily walk through it.
The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) has an exhibition area of ​​500,000 square meters, including an indoor exhibition hall of 400,000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition hall of 100,000 square meters. The indoor exhibition hall is composed of 13 large exhibition halls and 3 small exhibition halls, and trucks can be reached directly. Showroom. Adequate conference facilities are provided around the exhibition halls, consisting of more than 60 conference halls of various sizes.
2019 second China Import Expo schedule
The 2nd China International Import Expo Corporate Business Exhibition will be held in Shanghai from November 5-10, 2019, and it will be equipped with scientific and technological life, automobiles, equipment, medical equipment and medical care, quality of life, service trade, food and agricultural products, etc. 7 Exhibition area.
Overall schedule
Growth of China Import Expo
In May 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum that China will host the China International Import Expo from 2018.
From November 5th to 10th, 2018, the first Expo will be held in Shanghai
From November 5th to 10th, 2019, the Second Expo will be held in Shanghai
The third China Import Expo in 2020
2020 China Import Expo time forecast is: November 5-10, 2020